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2015 Annual Conference


Speakers Bill Massey & ElaineBruner

Keynote Speaker Tim Durkin

Ellen Fink-Samnick Greets Gail Brown




Care Advantage

Atlantic Shores


Westminster Canterbury

Tidewater Prosthetic Center

Tidewater Home Care

Optima Health Plan


Maxim Healthcare Services

Lake Taylor

Kindred Healthcare

Home Choice Partners

Hill Rom

Continum Pediatric Nursing

Care Connection

Brightstar Healthcare


Registration Attendees

Registration Attendees

The theme for this year's conference

2015 Conference Committee

Case Manager of the Year: Kathy Pokorny

Case Manager of the Year Kathy Pokorny and Superman, a.k.a DeAngelo Long

Conference Chair Elaine Bruner with the super heroes

President Sarah Clark with Superman, a.k.a DeAngelo Long

President Sarah Clark with the super heroes

2015 Annual Membership Meeting

Newly Elected Board Members, in photo Elaine Bruner Treasurer, Directors Jane Hixon, Barbie Bromfeld, Kathy Chaplin

Corsages for the newly elected Board Members




Outgoing board of directors

Recognizing outgoing President Elaine Bruner and as new Treasurer

Nomination Committee Chair/Past President Gail Brown gives Election results

Induction Ceremony of New Board of Directors

Induction Ceremony of New Board of Directors

Induction Ceremony of New Board of Directors

CMSA Recognition Award for Outstanding Conference

Charitable Donation

Gino Colombura President and CEO of the Alzheimers Association receiving a $500 check from Michael Walton HRCMS Director